Doing What You Love

Note: This is an older post I wrote in 2013 before I left my position as a Technical Support Specialist. I moved on to become a Project Manager and Product »

I Want

In response to a great post by Svbtle Founder Dustin Curtis I figured I would post my own list of things I want. The future isn't as far away as »

Death by Speeding Ticket

Have you ever been pulled over and accused of speeding? No doubt most of you have. While you're sitting there waiting for the police officer to approach your vehicle and »

Here's what I think will be at WWDC tomorrow

Most of us know that tomorrow is Apple's annual WWDC, or Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple users will be able to open Safari on their iOS device or Mac and watch »

So you want Flappy Bird on your iPhone?

Flappy Bird took the iOS world by storm. The silly yet simple game with great physics and pixelated graphics has all but vanished from the iTunes App Store. Creator Dong »

On iPhone Battery Replacement

Apple wanted $80 which I refused to pay. A simple search of Google and IFIXIT demonstrates that markets do work. In the time it took me to walk a few »